Project Finance

Private Debt Project Finance, Monetization, Private Trading.





Project Finance:

  • Private Debt Loans for large-scale projects seeking from $200M to $5B+ (no upper cap), non-recourse
  • Infrastructure: Ports, Roads, Bridges, Airports
  • Real Estate Development Finance
  • Renewable Energy Projects (Wind, Solar, Hydro)
  • Corporate Expansion Loans
  • Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences
  • Multifamily Structures and Mixed Use
  • Mining, Oil/Gas/LNG, Pipelines, and Alt Fuels
  • Telecommunications and Technology
  • Blockchain and Quantum Technologies
  • Asset Based Loans

Construction Finance:

  • Private Debt Loans for large construction projects (almost any type)
  • Typical Project Terms from 5 to 30 years, non-recourse
  • Construction Financing (payments interest only during construction) to Permanent Loan (Principal and Interests payments start)
  • Able to work with client’s budget and schedule. Construction period up to 120 months
  • Gives clients additional capital for debt servicing during the construction period to pay interest only. Interest is charged only on the amount of draw during this period

Acceleration Project Finance:

  • Private Debt Loans for small and mid-size businesses
  • Focus on businesses that want to expand, grow, franchise, or license their current business model
  • Lenders can work alongside the business and help them fund their plan and accelerate the business
  • Each deal funding is customized (either debt or debt + equity)
  • Rates and terms vary by deal

Asset Monetization:

  • Exclusively for the owners of assets
  • Unlocks the economic value of owned assets
  • If you posses assets and are interested in exploring this option or have any further inquiries, please get in touch with us

Private Placement Programs:

  • Exclusively for Sophisticated / Accredited Investors possessing verified financial instruments trading (cash, commodities, paper instruments)
  • Three Tier 1 Trade Desks in London, New York, and Singapore can collaborate with sophisticated parties for options starting as low at $1M (no maximum limit)
  • Minimum requirement for a Bullet Trade: $100M. Bullet trades at less that $100M are possible when a Program Desk Manager needs to top up funds

Bullion Dealing:

  • Gold and other precious metals
  • We are dedicated facilitators in the bullion market, specializing in transactions of gold and other precious metals
  • We actively seek genuine buyers and sellers
  • For broker inquiries:  we require access to the seller or mandate to finalise our due diligence to ensure authenticity and readiness of all parties. Our focus is to mitigate fraud and protect investor details until a transaction’s credibility is firmly established, ensuring a secure and efficient exchange for all involved.
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Our Process:

AltFin is a Premium Project Placement Firm with a focus on Private Debt Financing for large-scale projects. We partner directly with Private Debt Lenders, and facilitate Project Finance for projects seeking from $200 million to $5 billion and more (no upper cap). Get to know us.

DIRECT to Lenders
NO upfront fees
NO chains

Please review this section thoroughly before submitting projects. We strictly adhere to our Lenders’ guidelines and processes, which are non-negotiable. Proceed only if you can comply and are comfortable with this process. 

Each funding inquiry undergoes the 8 Stage Project Funding Process:​

1. Initial Project Assessment

Lenders review submission for swift funding eligibility response. 

Many projects stall or fail to launch when traditional financial institutions turn them down. We address this issue by offering Project Owners and Sponsors exclusive, direct access to Private Debt Lenders, bypassing the usual barriers to secure the funding they need.  

Our approach simplifies the initial project assessment into a single Initial Project Assessment form, ensuring a swift response from our lenders upon submission as to whether lenders can or cannot assist with funding your project.  

To determine if your project is aligned with the funding criteria, Lenders begin by evaluating the Initial Project Assessment Form alongside the Executive Summary, Project Teaser, or Pitch Deck. This initial assessment is part of the pre-underwriting and is designed to be short and efficient. ​

All projects must have collateral to pass the Initial Project Assessment.

After establishing the project’s alignment with the funding criteria, we will share the next steps with you and the pre-underwriting team will progress further. ​

Next, Lenders dive into a detailed examination of the project in the next 7 Stages of the Project Funding Process. 

The information provided in the Virtual Data Room (VDR) undergoes rigorous due diligence. This, among other things, includes reviewing the Team’s CVs and experience, Proforma/IRR, Construction/Project Budget & Draw Schedule, Sources & Uses, Site Control Status, and any available Feasibility Studies.​

Should both the Project Owners and the Lenders decide to move forward, the project goes through :  

2. Pre-Underwriting

Preliminary evaluation based on initial project documents.

3. Underwriting

Detailed project and principal examination in the Virtual Data Room.

4. Final Underwriting

Lenders issue a term sheet and request additional documents.

5. Contract Stage

Legal finalizes loan agreements post-risk management approval.

6. Custodian Engagement

Custodian validates collateral reception and confirms performance capabilities.

7. Closing

Client transfers collateral following instructions, initiating Lenders’ initial responsibilities.

8. Post Closing

Lenders follow draw schedule and collect repayments as scheduled.​

It is crucial to understand that, similar to any mainstream lenders or banks, our Private Debt Lenders will conduct rigorous due diligence on both the project itself and the associated Project Principals and Sponsors.

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Before submitting your project via the Initial Project Assessment form, please carefully review our processes and guidelines. Our approach is strictly guided by our Lenders’ protocols, which are designed to ensure compliance and efficiency. These procedures are firm and non-negotiable.

We advise you to proceed with your project submission only if you are willing and able to adhere to these established guidelines. Your comfort and compliance with our processes are crucial for an efficient Initial Project Assessment.

Do you offer project financing globally?

Yes, we can facilitate project financing globally, focusing on US-friendly countries but capable of funding projects anywhere provided that the project is a prime investment grade project and the location is not under international sanctions by the USA, UK, or Canada. ​

To be considered a prime investment grade, a project must have bankable investment-grade collateral and a rating of AAA or AA from Moody’s, S&P, or Fitch.​

Priority is given to projects in Prime Locations such as the USA, Canada, the UK, and Western Europe due to their established economic stability and favorable investment conditions.​

The countries where the projects are located should also have investment-grade status and pose low risks for anti-money laundering (AML).​

All other locations/regions with verifiable sound economics can also be considered subject to meeting the above criteria.

What types of projects do you fund?

Our Lenders fund capital projects including project types:

  • Infrastructure: Ports, Roads, Bridges, Airports
  • Construction Financing: large construction Projects, Real Estate Development and Sustainable Real Estate
  • Hospitality and Asset Purchases
  • Renewable Energy Projects: Hydro Power, Energy Storage, Green Energy, Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Biofuel, Biomass
  • Telecommunications, Technology and Information Technology
  • Mining, Oil and Gas Projects, LNG Projects
  • Asset Based Loans
What are the minimum and maximum amounts for project financing?

We facilitate financing for projects starting from $200 million to over $5 billion, with no maximum limit.

Can you finance projects without equity?

Generally, lenders require Collateral to be up to 20% of the Project Expenditure (CAPEX) on average (subject to terms).​

Lenders allow the Borrower and/or Sponsor to source Collateral however they are able: i.e. Borrower and/or Sponsor own capital, Equity, or Joint Venture partner, Bridge Lender.

If utilizing a Bridge Lender or Investor to Finance Collateral, the Borrower and Sponsor can debt-service the bridge loan through the loan proceeds. Simply include any debt-service disbursements to the Sponsor in the Project draw schedule. This allows the Borrower to buy out and pay off the bridge lender or investor with the loan proceeds at any point in the Project draw schedule.​

100% financing might be facilitated in certain cases via equity shareholding structures or helping projects secure collater from operators.

What collateral is required?

A project must have collateral of 20% of the Project Expenditure (CAPEX) on average (subject to terms). 

A project itself may not be used as collateral.​

Acceptable Forms of Collaterals are: Cash, Bank Guarantees (major banks only), Commercial Real Estate (CRE), Corporate Guarantees, Credit Enhancements, Debt Instruments (e.g., corporate bonds, US treasuries, municipal bonds, etc.), Future Contracts, Insurance Guarantees, Investment Portfolio (traded securities, bonds, commodities, cash, etc.), Letters of Credit (investment grade), Offtake Agreements, Sovereign Guarantees. ​

Note: instruments, such as bonds, submitted as collateral must be actively TRADING instruments in recognized markets to ensure their liquidity and current market value.​

Please be aware that the acceptance of your collateral is entirely at the discretion of the Lenders.

Are there upfront fees?

No, there are no upfront fees, retainer, or engagement fees for our services. Our compensation is through a success fee after your project secures funding.​

It should be noted that our financiers are not traditional banking institutions but include our flagship Private Debt Lenders, private financial institutions, institutional funds, and family offices that offer alternative funding solutions. 

Applicants seeking debt financing are expected to cover all due diligence expenses, such as professional reports, legal fees, and financial structuring. These costs are not charged by our Lenders, but by the companies that provide such services and have upfront fees. The costs arise upon project approval, particularly when a term sheet is issued, and can vary based on the project’s complexity and credit risk. To recap, although there are no initial fees, these structuring costs are applicable only if the project receives funding approval. 

What about the project costs?

Project costs can be paid through Loan Proceeds, including soft costs, hard costs, closing costs, loan interest, bridge loans, and previously paid project capital expenditures (with approval from Lenders).

What loan terms do you offer?

Our lenders offer flexible loan types: from single-product Project Finance, Construction-Permanent loan or other loan type combinations.​

Currently, the average rate is 5-7% of the capital stack for the Project. Varies with other factors (such as Project industry, Project risk level, Project Collateral amount, Prime, etc.).​

Terms are flexible. Currently, it averages 20-30 years, but is scalable and can be lowered to suit Project needs.

When will funds be available? 

The funds will become available according to the agreed Schedule / Construction Phase Drawdown. Currently, the first tranche can be available in as short as 30-45 working days after completion of the transfer deposit of the Collateral. 

In some rare instances when the project requires larger tranche disbursements, the availability of the first tranche can take longer than the previously stated period.

How are you different from other lenders or brokers?

Our strength lies in connecting Project Owners directly to Private Capital. We provide you with direct access to lenders and project funding that is typically inaccessible on the open market. There are no daisy chains, no intermediaries, and no upfront fees.

Our associated private debt lenders specialize in large-scale and complex projects, and are adept at managing complex financial transactions that are often beyond the reach of traditional banking, with the capability to offer up to 100% funding against adequate collateral.

What types of clients do you work with?

We work direct to projects and lenders. We work with project owners who are ready to take action and have the necessary capital for both the loan structuring and their project investments. Ideal clients have strong project and management teams and are committed to the funding process, ensuring timely submission of documents and active involvement in securing their project’s financing. Your collaboration is essential for us to effectively meet your financing needs.

Can we schedule a call?

Calls are scheduled only after a project successfully passes the Initial Project Assessment stage. This initial step is essential to ensure that each project we consider aligns with our Lenders’ criteria.

Once a project clears this preliminary phase, indicating its potential viability for financing, we then proceed to the next stages of communication and further assessment by the Lenders’ Underwriting Team, facilitating you with a direct communication channel with the Lenders.​

Please be aware that our Lenders have a rigorous 8-Stage Project Funding Process, with which you must comply. Our lenders operate a unique funding platform with specific processes and financial modeling that cannot be modified. Following Lenders’ processes closely will result in a streamlined and efficient funding process, and is not negotiable. Borrowers considering altering this standard process, it may be best to explore other funding platforms that align better with your approach.

Can you sign my NDA?

No, we typically do not sign external NDAs due to the high volume of proposals we review. We require clients to sign our standard Non-Circumvention, Non-Disclosure, and Professional Services Agreement  (NCNDA) before proceeding with any financing discussions. 

This standard agreement is a prerequisite for working with us, and if it does not align with your needs, we suggest looking for a service that better fits your requirements. Compliance with our Lenders’ operational protocols is mandatory.

Can you reveal your lenders?

We work closely with Private Financial Institutions, Family Offices, and Private Equity Firms, acting as gatekeepers in the financing process. Our role is to streamline the influx of proposals, presenting only those that are viable and well-prepared to our lenders.  

This approach ensures that our lenders can focus on financing activities rather than handling the high volume of inquiries we receive. Once the Lenders’ Pre-Underwriting Team has reviewed and confirmed your project is proceedable we can move on to the next steps, and reveal our Lenders’ identity. 

In some cases, our Lenders may choose to interact through their legal representatives for further privacy.

Can you provide references for past transactions?

Due to confidentiality agreements, we cannot disclose specific details of past transactions. Each transaction we handle is confidential and protected by these agreements. We do not use client information to attract new business.​

It is important to note that our private lenders and investors, who often operate through asset managers, hedge funds, or wealth managers with unique investment structures, also adhere to strict confidentiality. Any violation of these agreements could lead to significant consequences for both investors and lenders.​

However, with Lenders’ permission, we present you below with two examples of recently funded projects. 

Examples of Projects Funded

Our Lenders have collaborated with some of the biggest infrastructure project construction companies worldwide and teamed up with reputable Private Equity investment groups and trusted Asset Monetizers.

Through these partnerships, it can be possible to aid in obtaining collateral either from or via our trusted partners, or the partners themselves may become part of a project. However, it is important to note that the quality of the project will determine if it will be possible to assist with project financing.

innovative finance

$600 Million Green Resort Development

The resort project needs $600 million in financing, but its $160 million valued land can’t be collateral due to liquidity issues. Lender can help by monetizing the land for a bridging loan or remortgage, usable as collateral. 

Additionally, Lender can bring a hotel operator may offer about $50 million upfront, also serving as collateral.

holiday resort by the ocean
marine port with cranes by night

creative finance

$1.4 Billion Port in South America

Lender has structured a proposal for a $1.4 billion port project in South America, where the project owner’s contribution is limited to $5 million. An innovative financing solution, involving collaboration with port operators. 

This approach could potentially enable the project owners to secure 100% of the project financing, ensuring full funding for the project if approved.

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